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Breakfast Roast Dinners

26 Northgate, Dewsbury, WF13 1DT

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Note: Please note that Pizzas are only available after 16:30

Delicious roast dinners perfect for lunch or dinner

Flatbread possessing a delightful flaky texture and buttery richness across multiple layers. Typically accompanied by curries, rolled up and enjoyed with hot chai, or left to stand as a meal on their own.

Curries are flavourful and aromatic dishes originating from various culinary traditions, typically featuring a rich, spiced sauce infused with a combination of meats, vegetables, or legumes.

Spicy potatoes & chickpeas with sweet halwa and 3 puris

Our original TCL loaded gourmet fries are a must! Deliciously coated fries with a choice of 3 tasty toppings simply irresistible

Cakes & puddings

Add ice cream or custard for £1 extra

In house special recipe hot cookie dough. Served with luxury vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce

Extras available

Non alcoholic

Our freshly Made Pizza on a Stone

Baked Oven 12inch

Jungle kids meals with a free toy

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