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Note: We use sea fish which is filleted within hours of being caught. This retains the full flavour and the freshness of the

fish, so whilst your fish and chips will undoubtedly taste fantastic, you can also enjoy thorn with a clear conscience,

assured in the knowledge that our fish has come from a sustainable source.

We generally use Maris Piper potatoes, which are of course famous for their crispy coating

and soft, fluffy insides, creating the perfect chips. There are certain times of the year, when Maris Pipers are not available

or at their best at those times, we choose from other varieties of potatoes many of which have been grown specifically

to produce great tasting chips. Potatoes can change week by week and personally tastes and selects the

best possible potatoes to ensure you will be getting the best possible chips. Were passionate about great tasting

Food and we are commited to producing consistently high quality products and delivering excellent customer service

to our loyal customers, (Fish and Chips) is loved and enjoyed by every generation,

So why not indulge in the finest fish and chips in your area.

All our fish is boneless cooked skin on

Please ask for skinless.

All our fish medium size

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