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9 Andover Road, Winchester, SO23 7BS

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Some of our home cooked specials

Our menu features burgers that are hand crafted with 100% Chicken Breast Always fresh, never frozen. We use fresh, natural and delicious ingredients. Made to order on toasty, classic style Seeded Brioche Buns.

Savory, Spicy, Zesty, flavorful, mouth-watering, Cheesy, Saucy

Some Of Our Chefs Top Dishes

A selection of our finest chicken wings, served with seasoned chips and pot of sauce.

Flour tortilla wrap grilled and folded around a delicious filings topped with homemade french fries and cheese with our homemade special sauces among other deli ingredients

Savory, Spicy, Zesty, flavorful, Mouth-Watering Jacket Potato

Freshly squeezed juices 473ml cups

473ml cups

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