The Dutch Fishmen Chorlton

Fish & Chips British Halal

49 Manchester Road, Manchester, M21 9PW

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Note: Taste of Holland

Our donner meat is loved not only for its rich flavours but also for its unique combination of textures. The meat is juicy and tender inside, while the outside is crispy and slightly charred.

Seasoned fries with melted cheese comes in various different options of toppings and sauces.

All our meals include chips, sauces and a soft drink of your choice

All burgers come on a bed of lettuce, grilled onions, slice of cheese , dutch garlic mayo and spicy mayo sauce. Please note the mild chilli is not available until further notice.

Includes chips with gravy, mushy peas, curry sauce, baked beans.

Choose you flavours - all our waffles include a tub of ice cream

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