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  • Gourmet Burgers
  • Gourmet Crispy Chicken Burgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Gourmet Crispy French Fries
  • Gourmet Loaded Fries
  • Soft drinks

Gourmet Burgers

  • Beef Burger

    A really tasty, juicy burger


  • Cheeseburger

    Topped with oozing, melted mature English cheddar cheese


  • Cheese and Bacon Burger

    A juicy burger loaded with melted cheese and bacon


  • Caribbean Chilli Cheese Burger

    Seasoned with our special bayan sauce and cheese, hot and full of flavour


  • Stilton Cheese Burger

    Topped with melted creamy blue cheese


  • Stilton Cheese Bacon Burger

    Topped with melted creamy blue cheese with thick Danish bacon


  • Double Egg Burger

    Our juicy beef burger sandwiched between two fried eggs, an old school favourite!


  • Double Egg Cheeseburger

    As above but smothered in melted mature english cheddar


  • Gourmet Special Burger

    Topped win egg, bacon and melted mature English cheddar, a massive tower of deliciousness!


  • Big Tower Burger

    2 juicy gourmet burgers topped with melted cheddar cheese and Danish bacon


Gourmet Crispy Chicken Burgers

  • Chicken Burger

    Delicious crispy chicken breast fillet burger served with fresh salad.


  • Chicken Cheeseburger

    Topped with oozing, melted English cheddar


  • Caribbean Chicken Cheeseburger

    Seasoned with our special bayan sauce and melted English cheddar


  • Jack Daniels Chicken Cheeseburger

    Topped with our special Jack Daniels sauce and melted English cheddar


Hot Dogs

  • Small Hot Dog


  • English Foot Long Cumberland Hot Dog


  • German Foot Long Hot Dog


  • Chilli Beef Hot Dog


  • Pork and Wild Boar Hot Dog

    Seasoned with paprika and red pepper


  • German Special


Gourmet Crispy French Fries

  • French Fries

    Lopped with a sauce of your choice

    from £4.00

  • Cheesy Fries

    Topped with melted cheddar cheese

    from £5.00

Gourmet Loaded Fries

  • Bacon and Cheese Loaded Fries

    Delicious bacon and melted English cheddar cheese


  • Southern Fried Chicken Loaded Fries

    2 delicious southern fried crispy fillet, oozing with melted cheese


Soft drinks

  • Still Water

    Ice Valley chilled water, 500ml bottle


  • Diet Coke

    Chilled Diet Coke, 500ml bottle


  • Coca Cola

    Served chilled, 500ml bottle


  • Fanta

    Classic Fanta, served chilled, 500ml bottle



Tuesday 01 August 2023
Needs options for cheese/onions and sauces. Tasted good.
Saturday 22 July 2023

A little bit about us

Perfect for anyone who can't live without a burger fix. At The Gourmet Sausage & Burger Company burgers are a passion - which juicy offering will you choose? With easy ordering and prompt delivery, you just need to tuck in and enjoy! After you have eaten, we'd love to get your feedback on our food and service at

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The Gourmet Sausage & Burger Company
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