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  • Grill Menu
  • Kebab Menu
  • Family Platters
  • Peri Peri Menu
  • Grilled Fish
  • Burgers

Grill Menu

  • Lamb Mince Kebab

    2 Skewers

    from £12.50

  • Chicken Tikka Cubes

    2 Skewers

    from £12.50

  • Chicken Wings

    2 Skewers

    from £12.50

  • Lamb Tikka Cubes

    2 Skewers

    from £13.50

  • Mixed Grill

    Choice of 3 from above

    from £17.00

  • Lamb Chops


    from £13.50

  • Lamb Ribs


    from £13.00

  • Chicken Steak


    from £12.00

Kebab Menu

  • Lamb Doner

    from £5.00

  • Chicken Shawarma

    from £5.00

  • Mixed Shawarma

    from £6.00

Family Platters

  • Family Platter 1

    1 Skewer each: Lamb cubes, chicken cubes, lamb mince kebab, chicken mince kebab, chicken wings, lamb ribs 3pcs


  • Family Platter 2

    1 Skewer each: lamb cubes, chicken cubes, lamb mince kebab, chicken wings, lamb ribs 3pcs, chicken shawarma, lamb doner


  • Family Platter 3

    2 Skewers each: lamb cubes, chicken cubes, lamb mince kebab, chicken wings, lamb ribs 4pcs, chicken shawarma, lamb doner


Peri Peri Menu

  • Whole Chicken


  • Half Chicken


  • 7 Peri Wings


  • 10 Peri Wings


  • Peri Peri Rice


  • Family Peri Platter

    Whole peri chicken, 4pc garlic bread, peri fries and regular fries, coleslaw and a bottle of drink


  • Peri Party Platter

    2 Whole peri chicken, 4pc garlic bread, large fries, coleslaw, 8 onion rings and a bottle of drink


  • Home Alone

    Any medium pizza, 4pc garlic bread, coleslaw and can of drink


  • Meal For 2

    Any large pizza, 4pc garlic bread, coleslaw and 2 cans of drink


  • Party Deal

    Any 2 family pizza, 8pc garlic bread, large fries, coleslaw and bottle of drink


Grilled Fish

  • Sea Bass (Whole Fish)


  • Grilled Salmon Steak



  • Cheese Burger

    from £3.50

  • Chicken Burger

    from £3.50

  • Veggie Burger

    from £3.50

  • Doner Burger

    from £3.50

  • Mixed Doner Burger

    from £3.50

  • Fish Burger

    from £3.50

  • Peri Chicken Burger - Double


  • House Burger - Double



Monday, 27 May 2024
Genuinely was worried about ordering here (no offence) turns out it’s genuinely one of the best whole chickens I have had. I had to request for sauce which I think should be an option anyway but apart from that it’s a 5*. The BBQ Chicken pizza was also cooked to perfection 👍 i will use definitely use again
Wednesday, 01 May 2024
The food did arrive quickly but at the cost of quality, the mixed donor burger was a sorry sight, there was hardly any meat on it and the meat that was on it was dry and old last nights left overs. There was also drinks missing from the meal. Don't send out food to your customers that you yourself wouldn't eat its the quickest way to lose customers. I'll end on a good note the whole chicken was flavoursome and fries was nice could be better but edible.
Friday, 19 April 2024
Wednesday, 10 April 2024
the lamb chops were so salty, stale Nd dry, I could hardly eat it. pretty bad experience unfortunately.
Friday, 29 March 2024
Food had no flavour, the peri peri rice had no peri peri whatsoever very disappointing tbh. Delivery service was good though.
Saturday, 23 March 2024
Wednesday, 20 March 2024
for the price I thought it was poor won't order from there again
Thursday, 07 March 2024
Very late and I ordered early I had a hole chicken I think it was a chicken it was small and hardly any meat on it I definitely won’t be ordering from here again
Saturday, 02 March 2024
excellent service and quality portions
Saturday, 02 March 2024

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