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Indian Bangladeshi

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The following dishes are served with green salad

Served with pulao rice

Served with pulao rice

Served with pulao rice

A spicy medium curry cooked with fried onion, fried capsicum and is served in a sizzling dish.

Served with pulao rice

Chatoki dishes are medium cooked with chatkora (citrus fruit)

All mossala dishes are grilled first then cooked with ghee almonds, fresh cream, special spices and served with pulao rice and popadom

Passanda dishes are served with pulao rice and cooked with wine, cream, almond powder and is medium and delicately spiced

Our balti dishes are served with nan bread or pulao rice

Our Chef's Selection

Served with pulao rice or nan bread - these dishes can be specially prepared the meat with a selection of vegetables.

Chicken & Lamb Dishes

Medium dishes, served with special rice

Medium curry with tomatoes and potatoes

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