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Non-Vegetarian Starters

The Indian Lounge Special Kebabs

The following dishes are marinated in yoghurt and a blend of special tandoori spices. The dish is then slowly charcoal grilled in a clay oven on skewers and served with a salad garnish

(Sea Food)

Handi Cooking the Chef's Signature Dishes

All dishes are served with rice and vegetable of the day. (Pre-plated)

We specialise in Balti dishes are highly recommend that you try this traditional curry, which is cooked in a special wok, with spicy cubed onions and green peppers, in a thick curry sauce made using fresh spices and herbs together with a touch of Indian style pickle

DUM cooking is an ancient method of Indian food preparation. Semi cooked meat or vegetables are incorporated with partially cooked rice and placed in a sealed ‘HANDI’, which is then covered on all sides, with glowing embers to give even heat throughout. This particular style does not allow moisture of form inside the ‘HANDI’, ensuring the food is cooked in its own juices, thus retaining its full flavour, Biryanies are served with vegetable curry and garnished with dried fruits

Classic Indian Dishes

Regional Vegetarian Cooking (Side Dishes)

Suitable for Vegetarians

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