The Masala Kitchen

Indian Fast Food

7 High Street, Bath, BA1 4BX

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All kebabs served with our special salads and sauces, available in both pitta bread and

freshly baked naan. Change your naan bread just and extra 50p, try lamb doner on cheese

naan or special kebab on keema naan.

Mixed / Combo Kebabs

All burgers are served in sesame seed bun with salad and sauce. All of our burgers are 100

percentage beef or chicken. Beef burgers are charcoal flamed grilled.

Sauces / Dips

All served with light salad and mint sauce.

Dishes are all specially marinated and cooked in our tandoori oven. Recipes served with a

full salad and sauce.

Sizzling, spicy dishes from northern pakistan. Add mushrooms, spinach, chick peas, lentils,

vegetables or paneer cheese to your balti for only 1 pound extra.

Cooked using the finest basmati rice, all served with a vegetable curry and special biryani


Vegetable Side Dishes

Medium spiced dishes all cooked with special herbs and spices.

Using the finest basmati rice

Naan and Breads

Freshly baked to order in our clay tandoori oven.

All set meals are for two persons

Chutneys, Pickles and Dips

Our special range of irresistible starters, all at only 70p each

Sauces from our indian menu, highly recommended on your kebab or chips

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