The Smashing Station by Lag Off

Burgers American

2 Roseburn Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5NN

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From Homemade Waffles, to exciting new burgers, we are constantly bringing new treats

Our Amazing Smashing Burgers, with choices and savings

All our Burgers are 100% Steak Beef, locally sourced and made in our kitchen, in a freshly baked Brioche, with signature sauces of your choice and fresh veg.

(add whipped cream for £0.50)

Bigger than your average sides, and so...So yummy

Our golden crispy Skin on Fries, with delicious toppings.

Please Specify how the kiddie want's his burger. We want to make him happy:)

Finish your meal, the right way

Our Signature Dips

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