The Sultan

Indian Curry

239A Wood Street, London, E17 3NT

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Note: Allergies: Some of our menu items may contain traces of nuts, seeds and other allergens. Our fish may contain fish bones. Please ask a member of staff for more information. We use only the best authentic ingredients.

Health Conscious: All our food are prepared with olive oil with no artificial preservatives or colouring.

All our curries are prepared with olive oil

All tandoori dishes are individually infused in authentic spices and herbs and grilled in a traditional charcoal tandoor. All tandoori dishes are accompanied with golden caramelised onions, mint sauce and green salad.

A biryani is prepared using perfumed rice and authentic spices & herbs which are stir fried in karahi (Indian wok) using the meats of your choice. It is also accompanied with any sides of your choice except paneer sides

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