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Please speak to a member of staff before ordering.

All of our products may contain traces of soya, egg, sesame, nuts, mustard, gluten and seafood, even if not specified.

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

WHEN WE SELECT RICE, WE DON’T TAKE LONG. That’s because we will only ever use premium grade, short grain rice – the authentic and only choice for our sushi. With its distinctive texture and natural stickiness, it provides the perfect pillow for our fresh

These little slices of pleasure, hold a single fresh ingredient, wrapped in seasoned rice and rolled in nori seaweed.

These are sushi rolls with a difference - choice ingredients are wrapped in nori seaweed and rolled in a generous outer coating of seasoned sushi rice.

These contemporary rolls are coated in crunchy panko tempura flakes and served with a sweet and salty unagi sauce.

These delicate, hand-formed bases of rice are not rolled but raised and hold a variety of choice toppings

As pure as it comes - just the finest cuts of fresh raw fish sliced to perfection.

Unlike sashimi, these delicate slices of fresh fish are gently seared and served rare alongside a citrus-soy sauce.

Mega Maki, the thickest of the sushi rolls – combining a delicious balance of fresh ingredients and rice, all rolled in nori seaweed.

A delicious balance of complementary ingredients wrapped in nori and rolled in rice – similar to uramaki but with a distinctive outer wrapping of fresh fish, seafood or avocado.

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