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  • Vegetarian Main Course
  • Rice and Sundries
  • Desserts
  • Starters
  • Main Course
  • Wee Curry Shop Speacials

Vegetarian Main Course

  • Spinach Tikka Paneer

    (Indian cottage cheese cooked with spinach garlic and cream)


  • Aloo Gobhi and Peas

    (Cauliflower cooked with green peas and potatoes)


  • Chana Mushroom & Tomato

    (Chickpeas cooked with seasoned mushrooms and tomatoes)


  • Traditional Daal Makhani

    (Black lentils cooked in butter tomato ginger & garlic)


  • Tarka

    (Chana daal cooked with a tempering of onions and tomatoes & chickpeas)


  • Carrots Beans Leeks & Potatoes

    (Carrots cooked with beans leeks new potatoes and caramelized onions)


  • Aloo Saag

    (Spinach with new potatoes)


  • Kadahi Paneer

    (Cottage cheese cooked in traditional rich kadahi sauce with onions and peppers)


Rice and Sundries

  • Fried Rice


  • Boiled Rice


  • Mushroom & Pea Rice


  • Plain Naan


  • Garlic Naan


  • Peshwari Naan


  • Laccha Paratha


  • Garlic Paratha


  • Peshwari Paratha


  • Chapati


  • Poppadoms


  • Spiced Onions


  • Mango Chutney


  • Mixed Pickle


  • Raita


  • Chips



  • Gulab Jamun



  • Chicken Pakora

    (Chicken breast cooked in lightly spiced batter)


  • Garlic Fish Pakora

    (Fresh haddock cooked with potatoes and onions in a batter)


  • Green Herb Vegetable Pakora

    (Mixed vegetables with green herbs and spinach)


  • Onion Bhajis

    (Finely sliced onions with mint cooked in a gram flour batter)


  • 5 Spiced Chicken Tikka Pakora

    (Chicken tikka cooked with spices and light masala batter)


  • Potato Fritters

    (Sliced potatoes in a spiced gram flour batter)


  • Aubergine Fritters

    (Sliced aubergines in a spiced gram flour batter)


  • Vegetable Samosas

    (Mixed vegetables in pastry filling served with chickpeas)


  • Poori

    (Choice of chicken, mushroom or chana filling traditional fryed bread with a choice of tangy filling)


  • Spiced Haddock with Pickling Spices

    (Haddock marinated with pickling spices and tomatoes and baked)


  • Bombay Chicken Chaat

    (Chicken tikka tossed in a sweet and sour tangy sauce)


Main Course

  • Traditional Chicken Curry

    (Chicken breast cooked in curry sauce)


  • Lamb Karahi

    (Diced tender lamb cooked in a rich thick pepper sauce)


  • Chicken Tikka Chasni

    (Chicken tikka cooked in a sweet and sour creamy sauce)


  • Chicken Do Piaza

    (Chicken breast cooked with onions and tomatoes)


  • Chicken Korma

    (Chicken breast cooked with coconut and cream)


  • Chilli Garlic Chicken

    (Small diced chicken cooked with garlic to a medium heat)


  • Chicken Achari Mushroom

    (Chicken breast cooked with mix pickle and mushrooms)


  • Lamb Garlic Mushroom

    (Tender lamb cooked with garlic and mushroom)


  • Simple Lamb Curry

    (Lamb cooked to perfection in a onion and tomato sauce)


  • Lamb Mince with Peas & Potato

    (Lamb mince cooked with pea mint and potatoes)


  • Chicken Bhoona

    (Chicken cooked in rich and thick tomato &coriander sauce)


  • Lamb Bhoona

    (Lamb cooked in rich and thick tomato &coriander sauce)


  • King Prawn Saag

    (King prawns cooked with spinach sauce & green baby leaves)


  • Macchi Masala

    (Fish cooked in a light batter and served in a masala sauce)


  • Chicken Tikka Shaslik

    (Chicken tikka with mushroom and onions in a tangy sauce)


Wee Curry Shop Speacials

  • Butter Chicken

    (Chicken tikka cooked in rich cream butter sauce)


  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    (Chicken tikka cooked in masala sauce and peppers)


  • Lamb South Indian

    (Tender diced lamb cooked in coconut and tamarind sauce)


  • Methi Gosht

    (Lamb cooked with fresh fenugreek and spinach)


  • Chicken on Bone Kadahi

    (Chicken on bone cooked homemade traditional style)


  • Paneer Butter Masala

    (Traditional indian cheese cooked in a butter masala sauce)


  • Chicken Tikka Malaidar

    (Chicken tikka cooked in garlic, methi, cream, spinach & green chillies)


  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

    (Chicken or lamb cooked with basmati rice and mint served with sauce)


  • Roganjosh

    (Chicken or lamb cooked in traditional rogan josh tomato & cream sauce)


  • Chicken Dhansac

    (Chicken breast cooked with lentils chana daal)


  • Traditional Chicken Tikka

    (Chicken tikka marinated with indian spices and yoghurt served with sauce and rice)



Friday 05 July 2024
lovley curry
Tuesday 02 July 2024
*** The wee curry Shop** rated in Scotlands top best places to dine** excellent eatery and quality with quantity is perfect. The best food in Indian cuisine** for this reason i would highly recommend this eatery to anyone** thank you 🙏
Thursday 09 May 2024
Saturday 06 April 2024
Fish pakora was lovely but slightly undercooked so had to pop in oven to finish
Friday 05 April 2024
Excellent eatery..highly recommended
Friday 08 March 2024
Sunday 03 March 2024
Sunday 03 March 2024
Wattery sauce and not right colour. Too tangy! Nan not even fluffy! Disappointing
Saturday 10 February 2024
Second week in a row I have ordered from here after being recommended by a friend. Great food and both deliveries on time with friendly delivery drivers.
Sunday 28 January 2024
I had to wait more than 2.5 hour for my meal to arrive. it was stone cold.

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