Indian Curry Halal

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Some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information

Some of our dishes may contain nuts. If you have any allergy, please inform a member of the staff

Chicken & Lamb

The following starters are served with fresh green salad and mint sauce

These tandoori dishes are mildly spiced and marinated in fresh yogurt then cooked over charcoal in a clay oven. Served with fresh green salad and mint sauce

Cooked with garlic, green peppers, onions.

Slightly hot and spicy.

Served on a griddle like plate. A dry dish

Combination Balti Dishes

The following selections are served in two small dishes enabling you to sample two balti dishes in small portions

Chefs Signature Dishes

Chefs Recommendation Dishes

Traditional Indian Dishes

Our selection of old time favourites. These dishes are recognised by everyone and have been enjoyed by generations of Indian food lovers.

A combination of herbs & spices make this dish deliciously spicy, garnished with onions, tomatoes & coriander

Cooked with basmati rice, saffron, spice and dressed with cucumber and tomatoes. Served with a separate dish of vegetable curry.

All the dishes below are served with salad and chips

Ideal to compliment any of our many dishes

Special Takeaway Offers

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