The Balti

Indian Curry

7B Murray Street, Hartlepool, TS26 8PD

Delivery from 18:10

Note: Food Allergies: Some of our food may contain nuts, wheat, egg, etc. 

Please ask a member of our staff for more details

Meat dishes may contain beef OR lamb

Freshly Cooked Indian Wraps, Stir Fried with Onions, Peppers & Chips. Served in a Naan Bread

This is medium hot, cooked with mince meat, green chilli & fresh coriander

All these dishes are served with fresh green salad

Addition charges apply to any changes to our Thali’s

Modern Special Dishes

Fairly Hot

Very Hot

A parsee dish, sweet, sour & hot, cooked with lentils & pineapple

Malayan - Mild with fresh cream, banana & pineapple

Kashmir- Mild with fresh cream, nuts, sultana's & banana

Cooked in a special blend of spices & garlic, almost dry with lots of tomatoes

Similar to bhuna dishes with lots of onion & medium spices

Choose your favourite sauce

All served with salad & chips

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