The Chicken Corner

Kebab Pizza

404 Paisley Road West, Glasgow, G51 1BE

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Extra cheese £1.50 stuffed crust £3.00

Sauce not available, bought separately

Assortments quick snacks ,choose from chips DONNER, mini bites, samosa , mozzarella sticks ,jalapeno bites......


We use fresh fillets

Meals include chips only

Meals include chips only

Popcorn Chicken are bite-sized tender and crisp chunks of chicken that have been seasoned, breaded and deep fried to perfection

Chicken nuggets, chicken stripsmeals served with chips only

Mixed chicken deals to serve 1 or family

All kebabs served with salad & sauce

Separate salad & sauce £1.50

All come with chips and cheese topped with your favourite meat

No salad or sauce with the hoagies

Veg pakora, chicken pakora, mushroom pakora

Add cheese £1.50 extra

Homestyle traditional rice with aromatic spices to tingle your tastebud

Mixed choice of your favourite breads to eat

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