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Our fried gyozas are served crispy with a dip

Step 1: Choose your filling

Step 2: Choose your dish

OK sauce - a rich fruity sweet sauce

Sweet & sour - a blend of citrus with green peppers & vinegar

Pineapple - very sweet sauce with green pepper & onions

Plum - traditionally served with either chicken or duck

Lemon - sweet lemon sauce works well with chicken

Tomatoes - made using fresh tomatoes usually served with chicken or beef

Black bean & green pepper - traditional Chinese sauce with hints of garlic & soy

Garlic & wine - a very light garlic based sauce with onions

Ginger & spring onion - popular dish made using fresh root ginger

Foo yung - a tasty egg based dish with bean sprouts & onions

Mushroom - the main flavours of this dish are mushrooms, garlic & soy

Oyster sauce - made using this traditional savoury Chinese ingredient

Cashew nuts - this dish combines bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & cashew nuts

Omelette - served with a portion of mushy peas & chips

Black pepper - tasty sauce with a kich, great with chicken or beef

Curry - very popular homemade dish made with a blend of Chinese spices

Black bean & chilli - a hotter version of black bean & green peppers sauce

Satay - a peanut based sauce with subtle hint of spice

Sweet chilli - a sticky & fruity sauce

Garlic & chilli - a mild tasty dish with pickled chilli

Sezchuan - a spicier take on sweet & sour sauce

Kung po - a mild dish with various vegetables & cashew nuts

Step 3: Choose your side

Add cashew nuts to your dish for only £1.80

We use egg noodles in these dishes.

Please select the way you would like the dish. Choose from a crispy noodle base, soft noodle base or stir-fried without sauce. Gluten free option available upon request

We use a fine rice noodle in these dishes & they are served stir-fried without sauce

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