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•Any Starter •Main Course •Side Dish •Rice or Nan

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•Any Starter •Main Course •Side Dish •Rice or Nan

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Dum-Pakht biryani

These dishes are renowned, cooked in traditional Punjabi style; The method of cooking is applied in a cast iron wok, which enhances the exotic flavours. Balti involves the fast cooking of marinated meat and spices over a high flame. Vegetables, such as spinach, potato, mushroom or aubergine (eggplant) may be added to chicken, beef, fish or prawns. Vegetarian versions of Balti are also prepared. The cooking and serving method ensures that the flavours of all the spices are retained.

The classic British-Indian mild, sweet and rich, cooked with tomatoes and cream in a lightly-spiced generous sauce thickened with ground almonds

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