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Tandoori Specialities Charcoal Clay Oven Barbecues

Served with green salad

Tandoor is an oven made from special clay & the food is cooked or grilled on a charcoal fire in the tandoor. All tandoori dishes are marinated in yoghurt, herbs & oriental spices then grilled naturally in the tandoor & served hot with a fresh side salad. Practically no fat is used to cook any tandoori dish, so a tandoori dish is God's gift to the weight watchers

Served with green salad

Served with green salad

If you wish to enjoy very special dishes, then these are the right ones for you. Specially prepared by our master chef for people who enjoy good food. You will never forget the taste, beauty & aroma of these dishes. To prepare them we grind our own fresh masala (spices) to be used which gives the dish that extra flavour. Our master chef will produce for you a taste you will always remember

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