The Hunters Pub & Dining

Pizza Chicken

The Hunters, Hennel Lane, Lostock Hall, PR5 5UL

Delivery from 16:35

Note: Please ask for our allergen guide should you have any specific dietary requirements.

Let us know of any food allergies before placing your order, even if you have eaten the dish previously. Whilst every effort is taken to reduce the risk of contamination, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our dishes will be 100% allergen free.

The Classic Smashed Burger as it was Originally Intended. Maximum Juiciness & Melty Cheese on a Pillowy Soft Bun

Inspired by our mama's love

Marj & Reta's pizzas are all about flavour!

We use a classic Neapolitan tomato sauce & mozzarella blended cheese...

Let your tastebuds do the tasting - just tear, share & enjoy!

All our dough is vegan friendly

All pizzas are 12"

Hold on to your pizza!... You've pulled!

The secret is in our topping!

All home roasted, slow cooked, hand pulled meats

All our dough is vegan friendly

All pizzas are 12"

6 Chicken wings garnished with spring onion, chilli & sesame

Just choose your way

Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken, Garnished with Spring Onion, Chilli, & Sesame Seeds

500ml Bottles

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