The Indo's

Pizza Kebab

124 High Street, Carnoustie, DD7 7EB

Delivery from Wed 17:15

£1.95 delivery fee

£5 min. order

Note: Food allergies & intolerances

Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements

Any changes made to the set meals will incur an extra cost

For any special dietary requirements or allergies, please bring to the attention of our staff when ordering

Served with salad & chilli sauce

Served on a pitta bread with salad & chili sauce. King size kebabs are served on 2 large chapattis

All kebabs are served on 2 x fresh chapattis & served on a bed of chips & cheese. 1 x chilli dip. 1 x garlic dip

All of these dishes prepared in our special Indo's salsa sauce & finished to perfection in a sizzling pan. All served with chili & garlic dip

Fresh chapatti filled with chips, cheese & your choice of filling.

Served with salad & chilli sauce

Served in one container (chili or garlic sauce extra £0.50)

Served with salad & relish or mayonnaise.

All meals served with chips & can of juice.

Extra toppings are available on the next page

All topped with Mixed Peppers & Extra Cheese

Folded Pizzas filled with Meat and topped with Cheese & Italian Herbs

Meals served with chips & kid's soft drink

All Ice Cream Supplied From Jannetta’s of St. Andrews

All prepared with 100% Pure Fruit Juice

All served with Whipped Cream, Various Sauces & Toppings

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