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Note: Please Note: Some of our dishes may contain nuts - Almond, Coconut or Dairy Products. If you have an allergy please consult a member of staff

Introducing Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are prepared with special balti sauce which consists of more then 20 different herbs & spices. There are traditionally cooked with mostly fresh spices & herbs & served in the northern part of India. We take it as a privilege to cook these dishes to your taste & strength

Special flavoured basmati rice with a mixture of spices, sultanas & cashew nuts served with a vegetable curry

Special Variation of Vegetable Curry Dishes

Served with chips, peas & tomatoes

A hot spicy dish based on the use of lentils with pineapple to add a distinctive flavour.

Choose plain naan or pilau rice

Tandoori Specialties

Cooked on charcoal in a specially designed clay oven, the meat having been previously marinated in our own special mixtures, roasted on skewers & garnished with salad. Tandoori are among the outstanding delicacies of India

Very Mild

Fairly Hot

A spicy dish based on the use of lentils with lemon to create a sharp exquisite flavour.

Special Peshwary Korma

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