The Masala Bangladeshi Takeaway

Bangladeshi Indian Halal

8 Church Street, Altringham, WA14 4DW

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Note: For food allergies & intolerance, please ask staff members before ordering

Served with fresh salad

Served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Below dishes are (Medium Hot)

Below dishes are (Medium Hot)

The following dishes are cooked in a clay oven & come in a yoghurt based masala sauce with specially blended fresh spices & coriander

Cooked in charcoal in an authentic clay oven. The following dishes are served with special sauce & green salad

These dishes are brought together with special spices, coriander, eggs & basmati pilau rice. Served with special vegetable sauce

The following dishes are very tasty with mixed pickle, herbs, spices & served with basmati pilau rice or naan bread

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