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The Polash - Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant

Indian Bangladeshi

84-86 West Road, Essex, SS3 9DS

Delivery from 17:45

Note: Allergy awareness: If you have any dietary restrictions: nuts, dairy products, etc. Please inform us before ordering

Tandoori ia oval shaped clay oven. The tandoori is kept at a high temperature. This process of cooking seals in the goodness and gives it that extra aroma & taste. (served with fresh salad)

All in one dish. Cooked with your choice from below, stir-fried with basmati rice spiced with garlic and turmeric. Garnished with fresh coriander and served with mixed vegetable curry. The Persian biryani are cooked with mixed spices and herbs along with fruits and nuts topped with our special egg netting

The balti is one of the most famous dishes in the UK, as it is believed it originated from Birmingham. This classic dish is called the “balti” primarily because the round pot it is served in is called a balti. Here at The Polash we cook our balti in a tangy tomato base which is infused with

rich herbs and spices, along with hearty pieces of onions & peppers

Served with chips, peas & tomatoes

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