The Raj

Indian Curry Halal

21 Bootham, York, YO30 7BW

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All served with green salad & dips

Medium hot

Fairly hot

Very hot with lemon juice & potatoes

Healthy option

Delicately flavoured & grilled in a clay oven, served on a sizzler

Very, very hot with bhindi (lady fingers)

Hot curry with fresh lemon juice & tomato paste

Medium hot with fried onions

Very popular mild & creamy dish

Made with almond powder & coconut powder

Sweet cooked with bananas & pineapple

Made with almond powder & coconut powder

Medium hot with thick sauce & tomatoes

Medium hot with thick gravy, well spiced with fresh herbs

Sweet & sour cooked with lentils with a pineapple topping, medium to slightly hot

Cooked with pilau rice & served with vegetable curry

We do not serve any side dishes without a main dish

As a main course

Seafood, King Prawn & Fish Dishes

All served with chips & salad

The Raj Balti Dishes

Balti dishes originate from the south eastern part of India & is prepared with special fresh herbs & spices in a thick sauce sprinkled with coriander on top

Medium hot

Spicy but very flavourful definitely the best naga in the region only order if you like spicy food! (Made with fresh naga chilli )

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