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Note: If you have an allergy to any nuts, dairy products, or indeed any other preferences, please inform us when placing your order.

Tandoori is the traditional deep clay oven highly heated with charcoal, which adds to all tandoori dishes a distinct flavour. Ingredients of all these dishes are marinated over night in yoghurt with various spices & herbs, threaded on two long metal skewers & then baked over the flame. All tandoori dishes are served sizzling on a hot tray with small portion of salad & specially yoghurt sauce

Authentic balti dishes

Balti is a type of kashmiri curry whose origin go back centuries in the area that is now North Pakistan. All balti dishes are individually prepared with only the freshest ingredients & properly blended mixture of the authentic spices & herbs. The results are aromatic & very tasty indeed. Served with naan bread

Served with pilau rice

All dishes are served with a vegetable curry

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