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Note: Please Note: Some of our dishes may contain nuts, dairy products or other allergies. Please inform us if you have a selective diet or allergy

Allergy Reference Table

Some of our dishes contain butter. Please ask a member of staff to confirm any ingredients. Most of our dishes contains garam masala which has traces of sesame seeds. Please tell a member of staff of any allergy

Served with fish salad & mix chutney

Served with fresh salad

All our marinade contains dairy

In the past years balti's have become quite a rage. With its unique style of cooking, blending onions, capsicum & fresh tomato stir fried with garlic. These balti's are traditionally eaten with naan bread. Create your own balti & choose from the above flavour for an extra flavour for £1.00

Chilii masala (dairy) (hot)

Dansak (dairy)

Korma (dairy) (nuts)

Madras (hot)

Vindaloo (spicy)

Pathia (dairy)

Rogan josh (dairy)

Chef's Fish Specials

Please allow extra time, all dishes are served with pilau rice

Create your own dish to suit your taste with the following combination

Chicken tikka (dairy)

Lamb tikka (dairy)

Prawn (crustaceans)

King prawn (crustaceans)

Fish (fish) (medium to hot - purely authentic with green chillies)

Biryani's were originally cooked in Persia, but slowly spread all over the Indian continent. It is a quick & easy form of cooking where the rice & one of the following are cooked together using spices like elachi, long & tejpata. Complimented with cucumber raita

Tawa masala recipe is the famous Indian dish of Punjab, cooked in a medium to hot gravy sauce with traditional spices & plenty of coriander, with our managers extra special ingredients added to make this dish a mouthwatering experience

Served with peas, tomatoes, chips & salad

Served with peas, tomatoes, chips & salad

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