The Vikings

Fish & Chips Burgers

346 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 3EX

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Vikings Ultimate Fry, Large Fry, Mini Fry, Sodas and Filled Baps.

Cod, Cod Bites, Sausage, Pastie, Steakette, Goujon, Scampi, Chicken Breast

Chicken, Burgers and Wrap Meal Deals

Vikings Box Meal, Crispy Chicken Meal, Variety Meal, Hotshot Meal, Hotwing Meal

Viking's Special Box Meals

Belfast Burger, Mississippi Burger, Mexican Burger, New Yorker, Boston Cheese Burger

Sausages, nuggets, goujon, pastie, sauce, onion rings, Battered Mushroom

Buckets of crispy chicken, 4 reg chips 1 large chicken gravy and 1 litre of drinks

Chicken chips and drink

Cod Bites and Fish Goujon, Chicken Goujon, Nuggets, Hotdog, Battered Sausage, Pastie, Hamburger, Poppin Chicken

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