Three Rooms

Indian Curry

4 Kimbolton Road, Bedford, MK40 2NR

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If there is a dish to your liking not on the menu, please ask your server, if circumstances allow an alternative can be prepared

Dishes are Flame Grilled in a Charcoal Clay Oven.

(All the dishes Served with Fresh Salad)

A dish prepared in a Three Rooms Unique Style. Cooked in Exotic Spices with Homemade Paste & Stir Fried in Basmati Rice with Potatoes & Chickpeas. Served with a choice of Mild, Medium or Hot Curry Sauce.

Initially Grilled in a Clay Oven, then individually prepared with Fresh Ingredients thoroughly Blended mixtures of Authentic Herbs, Spices & Balti sauce.

(Chicken/Lamb Tikka £1 extra)

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