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The tandoor oven originated in central Asia in a place called Bukhara. It is a deep-clay charcoal burning oven which runs at a high temperature, sealing the essential flavours of the food, all served with salad and mint sauce.

The dish is unique in its cooking method and presentation. The traditional dish originated from the south of India (Bangladesh). The dish comprises of rapeseed oil (carnol oil) water, milk powder, coriander, fresh tomatoes, turmeric, cooked with balti sauce, cubed onions, green pepper and various fresh herbs - medium hot

Saffron rice coated with Indian herbs and spices cooked in nawaby style and served with traditional vegetable curry sauce

All of our old favourites are available in the following meat, fish and vegetable selections

A tasty selection of vegetable Accompaniments, medium Or mildly spiced.

A tasty selection of light fluffy rice, flavoursome and aromatic

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