Sushi Japanese

48 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, CB1 1DJ

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Note: Please contact the restaurant if you have any allergen information

All come with salads and 4 Mini vegetable spring Roll

Starts from £15.40

Sushi rice based with your choice of main topping and dressing,

all comes with avocado, wakame salad, cucumber, red onion, Japanese pickle, fried shallot and sesame.

Big bowl of rice with a variety of topping

Add an Egg to your ramen for £1.00 extra

All come with Rice and Japanese curry sauce

2 Pieces per serving

Finger shaped rice topped with various topping

2 pieces per serving

Finger shaped wice, wrapped by seaweed nori with various topping

6pcs per serving

small seaweed roll of rice and filling of your choice

1pcs per serving, cone-shaped hand roll

5 pieces per serving, large seaweed roll of rice and filling of your choice

6 pieces per serving, medium size sushi roll, also known as inside-out roll

5pcs per serving, fish on its own

Japanese Dorayaki Pancake

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