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Note: Vegan options available.

Vegan Dishes (Plant Based)

Roast Pork Spare Ribs

Tossed in our famous homemade salt & pepper mix with onions, bell peppers, fresh chillies and Garlic

All fried rice contains egg

Soft noodles

Wok Fried Japanese Wheat Noodles

Sweet & Sour Balls in Batter

Served with sauce separately

Lightly Battered Chicken pieces deep fried and served in a choice of delicious Sauces

Sweet Bell Peppers with Onions in Honey Black Pepper Sauce

Beansprouts dish with gravy, mushrooms & onions

Thai Green Curry

Authentic Thai Red Curry cooked in Coconut Milk and Vegetables

Yellow Bean Sauce with Cashew Nut Dishes

Served with chips OR steamed rice 

Separately fried rice 50p extra

Add cheese to any omelette 1.00

Burger in a Bun

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