Uncle Kams

Fish & Chips Chicken

286 High Street, Canvey Island, SS8 7TB

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Our unique twist on our hamburger and chicken burgers that have made up our signature range.

All our children's meal come with small chips fruit shoot/water and a wow egg

Only served with food (minimum one meal must be ordered)

Marinated and breaded in our special southern fried seasoning

All our hamburger are made from 100% british beef from approved farms.

All our chicken burgers are made from 100% chicken breast meat.

Our burgers converted to wraps all enclosed in a toasted tortilla wrap.

Our fried wings tossed and glazed in our special sauces garnished with spring onion,crispy onions,chilli flakes & sesame seeds.

Our freshly cooked chips tossed and glazed in our special sauce garnished with spring onion,crispy onion,chilli flakes & sesame seeds.

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