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Indian Kebab

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Note: Allergy Awareness: If any kind of dietary restrictions are needed please inform us before ordering

For food allergies and intolerances

Please speak to our staff about your requirements before ordering

If you don’t see the meal you require, please ask and we will be happy to make it for you

All Biryani dishes are cooked with saffron flavoured basmati rice and served with vegetable curry sauce

Come and try our unique Indian style kebabs!! Served with naan bread, salad, mint sauce and a can of soft drink or bottled water

All wraps are served with salad and mint sauce. Extra cheese for £1 extra!

All starters are served with mint sauce, please request salad if desired.

Salad with tandoori dishes only

All dishes are marinated in Indian spices and grilled in the tandoori oven, served with salad and mint sauce

All dishes are cooked with fresh garlic, ground spices, sliced onions and capsicums. Served with naan bread or boiled rice

Normal curry - traditional Indian dish cooked with light herbs and spices

Madras - fairly hot dish cooked with herbs and spices

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