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Curry Kebab Halal

39 Countess Street, Saltcoats, KA21 5HP

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All tortilla wraps served with salad and choice of sauce

Hoggy is chips, cheese with tortilla

Separate sauce £0.60p, separate salad £1.00, separate sauce and salad £1.50 pound.

Separate sauce 60p, separate salad 1.00, separate sauce and salad 1.50 pound. Hoggy wraps is with chips cheese

Italian pizza dough rolled over, with your favourite filling and covered with a layer of cheese. All Calzone stuffed with mushrooms and onions

Gyros is a choice of kebab with chips, cheese, salad and sauce in Turkish Bread

Delicious Crispy tortillas stuffed with a filling of your choice with a side of seasoning chips. Served in our toasted tortillas containing salad, cheese and with your own choice of sauce separate. You simply can't go wrong.

Served with chips and drink

All dishes include fried or boiled rice or nan or chips. All dishes can be prepared with chicken/ lamb/ prawn/ paneer/ vegetable/ chicken tikka or lamb tikka

Chicken or lamb marinated in a yoghurt base sauce spiced with our own freshly ground masalas with fresh herb and cooked evenly on skewers in our clay ovens. All these dishes are served with rice or nan, salad and curry of desired strength

All these biryanis are cooked with choice of ingredients adding rice (real basmati, king of rice). These dishes can be served with curry both made to desired strength and includes salad

Extra toppings available

All potatoes served with salad

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