Village Balti House

Indian Curry

239 Ringinglow Road, Sheffield, S11 7PU

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Note: Food Allergy Warning: Our food may contain peanut or dairy products

Marinated with various herbs and spices then cooked in clay oven and served with salad and mint sauce

Medium spiced

Medium strength spices cooked in a deep pan with tomatoes, green peppers and karahi paste

Medium strength spices cooked with fresh garlic, green peppers, tomatoes, corriender in balti paste

Fairly hot spices cooked with fresh green chillies and grilled onions, green peppers, tomatoes & corriender

Medium - cooked with spinach to give a special taste

Medium strength spices fried with onion, green peppers, basmati rice to give a special taste, served with vegetable curry

Served with mint sauce and salad

Served in a seeded bun with salad & Chips

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