Village Curry House

Indian Curry

63 Princes Street, Port Glasgow, PA14 5JH

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Prepared with their own special bases, freshest ingredients & dairy cheese

Pick your own base: garlic, bbq, tomato

Thin crust and stuffed crust options are available (stuffed crust available only on 12" & 16" pizzas)

Extra toppings are available

All kebabs are served with pitta bread, salad & sauce. Add 30p extra for sauce OR salad (separate)

Topping of your choice wrapped in fresh pastry, oven roasted & garnished with cheese, onions, sauce & served with a garlic dip

All dishes served with salad & French fries

Fresh fish fillet coated in our own special breadcrumbs & deep fried

All served in same tray

Add mini naan for £1

Served with salad, mayo, relish OR tomato sauce. Burger meals are served with French fries & a can of juice

Served with 250ml of soft drink

Served in tortilla wrap with salad & mayo

Served with chips, cheese, wrap, salad & sauce

Served with salad and chilli sauce

Tandoori is an Eastern Cuisine employing an oriental method of bbq. All of the traditional dishes are marinated for at least 24hours in an exotic sauce, blended

with fresh ground herbs and cooked on a skewer in a clay oven called a tandoor.

Served with basmati rice, salad and a curry sauce of your desired strength

A popular snack extremely light thin, chapati fried smothered with your own choice of topping with sweet & sour sauce

Served with fried rice or Plain Nan, Garlic Nan £1 Extra

These are mild dishes made with a variety of mild spices. Single cream and generous amount of coconut cream, each of your special kormas are available with:

Chicken £9.00 . Lamb £9.00 . Vegetable £8.00 . King Prawns £12.00 . Prawn £9.00 . Chicken or Lamb Tikka £10.00

Included rice OR naan bread

Rice OR naan bread included. Our balti dishes are cooked with fresh ginger, garlic & touch of mixed pickle giving a beautiful rich taste

Burryani are served with curry sauce & salad, cooked in basmati saffron rice with green pepper & onion. Delicately flavoured with special spices & fully garnished. All Burryani can be served with patia, korma, madras, vindaloo OR ceylonese sauce at a charge of 50p extra

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