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Indian Curry Halal

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Vegetarian food

Tandoori clay oven cuisine

Way of preparation - lamb, poultry (spring chicken) or shellfish marinated in yoghurt sauce with delicate herbs & spices & then barbecued on skewers over flaming charcoal in our specially made barrel shaped clay oven

Village fish specials

Chef's special dishes

A light mixture of spices & herbs used to create this medium flavoured curry

Mild dishes

Sweet & creamy cooked with spices to create a dish suitable for people who like mild curries


Fairly hot

Very hot

Extremely hot

Medium dry dishes

This is an exotically spiced dish, medium strength with a rich fresh sauce

Spicy green pepper dishes

A superb spicy hot dish enlivened with fresh green chilli, peeled tomatoes & green peppers

Chicken, meat or shellfish exotically spiced cooked with basmati rice & served with a mixed vegetable curry

Why not add a special naga sauce hot flavour to your biryani add £0.95

Persian lentil dishes

Onion style dishes

A well spiced onion flavoured curry with capsicum medium strength with a tasty thick sauce

Mixed herb dishes

Balti food is medium sauced & spicy, cooked & served in a balti dish. The basic balti is enhanced with specially prepared garam massala & fresh herbs & spices, requiring great skill. Our chef has great scope with balti dishes & has mastered the techniques required for the best baltis

Sweet & sour dishes

Cooked with herbs & hot spices onions, sweet, sour & hot

Tomato style dishes

Rogan is a medium strength dish, tomato flavoured with herbs in spicy fresh sauce

Mixed spice dishes

Lamb or chicken fillet marinated with garlic, ginger & special spices. Cooked together with tomato, capsicum & onion

Potato & boiled egg dishes

Main dishes mixed with vegetable

Traditional english dishes

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