Indian Curry Halal

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Delicate blend of ground spices mixed in a special balti sauce, medium hot

A dish cooked with cream, butter, cashew nuts & peanut butter in an exotic, mild sauce.

Cooked in a special thick sauce prepared with cream, almonds & homemade yoghurt

Very mild sauce with ground coconut & cream

Fairly dry & hot with diced onions, green peppers & fresh green chillies

A very rich mouth watering dish cooked in a medium spicy sauce

Very hot with potatoes

Fairly hot

Medium with onions & coriander in thick sauce

Medium with freshly chopped tomato

Medium spiced with diced onions & green pepper in a fairly dry sauce

Fairly dry dish with spinach, garlic & onions

Hot, sweet & sour with lentils

Hot, sweet & sour with onions

A complete traditional meal cooked with basmati rice & the following. Served with vegetable curry

Cooked with basmati rice

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