Waffles Dessert Lounge

Desserts Milkshakes

56 Rockingham Road, Corby, NN17 1AE

Delivery from 16:35

Freshly Baked Waffles & Crepes


Normal cookie dough served with vanilla gelato

Shabang cookie dough served flavoured gelato

Served with a vanilla gelato

Warm & gooey triple chocolate brownie served with ice cream

Drizzled with milk & white chocolate

Choice of chocolate toppings: , kinder bueno, white or milk chocolate strands, rainbow sprinkles, fresh strawberries, lotus biscoff, oreo, ferrero rocher, smarties or m&ms

Chicken burgers (served with fresh lettuce red onion & creamy mayonnaise )

Beef burgers (served with lettuce onion ketchup & mayonnaise)

Classic Cakes

All the Cakes are slice of Cake

All topped with fresh whipped cream

All the Cheesecakes are slice of Cheesecake

Refreshing Mocktails with a hint on mint & lime

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