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Note: Food allergy warning!

We can not guarantee a nut free making and baking environment. Our ingredients can contain Daity, Nuts, Gluten, Cereal, Peanuts, Eggs and Soya. For more specific information please speak to a member of staff prior placing your order. We can modify your selection upon request. Please always ask if you have

any concerns!

Allergy warning!

Our food may contain peanut, dairy, egg or other nut product. Please ask server if you have any concerns!

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Crepes are good on their own. But the right filling will definitely not spoil them. Crepes can be either sweet - with ice cream, chocolate, fresh berries, or savoury - with meat, vegetables, cheese

Bubble waffle sandwich - juicy, nutritious, delicious and so much loved

Did you know? This sweet word “gelato”, from which it breathes coolness! Waffy sells only Italian gelato ice cream. And there are the reasons why:

• Gelato is always made only from natural ingredients, while conventional ice cream often contains milk powder, preservatives, dyes and additives.

• Gelato contains less fat. Yes, that’s why Italians eat it all year round and don’t gain weight! The percentage of fat content of an Italian dessert does not exceed 8, while the fat content of ice cream is more than 10%.

• Soft creamy texture like silk.

• It melts quite slowly and doesn’t contain ice crystals.

£1.50 For a scoop of vegan protein

All milkshakes come with sauce, sprinkles and fresh whipped cream

100% Arabica coffee

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