Wallace Tandoori

Indian Curry

231 Wallacewell Road, Glasgow, G21 3PR

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From 4:30 to 8:00 pm

Fresh secret recipe dough prepared daily rolled into the signature wallce pizza base. Our secret recipe pizza sauce is then added to your base along with our vast choice of traditional toppings as well as our own Asian style toppings. We use the finest( Cheese)to finish off your tasty pizza

Our calzone size is 12" and its serve with chips 🍟 , salad 🥗 and sauce (dip) of your choice 😋

All kebabs, if sauce & salad separate - £1 extra

extra pitta bread - 50p, separate salad - 50p, separate sauce - 50p

Sizzlers from Traditional Tandoori (Clay Oven)

All meats are prepared by pre-marination in yoghurt, fresh ground spices & fresh herbs before being cooked on a charcoal flame in the clay oven. Served with finest basmati saffron rice, salad & curry sauce served to your desired strength.

Special Handmade Fillet Burger

All Burgers below include fresh chicken breast pattie in the burger.

Served with chips

Served with side salad

Served in one container

Rice or Nan included

Popular Punjabi Dishes

(Rice or Nan Included) All Chicken dishes are mode with breast of Chicken

Available in: Chicken/Lamb/Mince

Include Rice or Nan

Available in Chicken or Lamb

Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka or Prawns £1 extra

Contains: Wheat & milk

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