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Indian Pizza

325 Forge Street, Glasgow, G21 2AH

Delivery from 17:15

Add a dip 80p extra

A Light Fried Chapati

All these dishes are marinated in Punjabi spices and herbs overnight and cooked in a clay oven. (tandoor), served with rice with salad and curry sauce

Served with pitta bread (King served with nan bread) with sauce and salad on top. (Separate sauce 80p) (Separate salad 80p)

All these dishes are cooked with rice, peas, onions, herbs and spices, sauce and salad are served in separate containers

Soft Chapati Filled with Rice and Choice of Curry

Add a can of juice for only £1 extra. Comes with salad and sauce.

All Served with 2 Tartilla Wraps, Sauce and Salad

Tortilla Chips, Mozzarella Cheese, Jalapenos, with Sala Sauce

Tortilla, chips, cheese, salad and sauce wrap with choice of filling.

Big bottle Coca Cola

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