White Cliffs Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

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5 star rating awarded from the Food Standard Agency !

Served with salad & mint sauce

Tandoori is an original Indian dish cooked in a clay oven. All tandoori dishes are marinated with special herbs and spices and served with green salad and mint sauce

Tandoori masala dishes are cooked with yoghurt, cream and tandoori sauce which is mildly spiced and served with a very thick almond sauce.

Delicately mildly spiced

Birianis are traditional “Indian complete dishes” consisting of basmati rice and served with vegetable curry

All dishes are made by tandoori cooked chicken or lamb

All these dishes are a chef’s own recipe which is made with tandoori cooked chicken and has the heat of a madras and is served with pilau rice

Cooked with lentils in sweet, sour and hot spicy sauce

Unless stated, dishes do not include rice

Madras is hot, Vindaloo is very hot, Phall is extra hot, Jalfrezi & Garlic Chilli vary in strength

These dishes are thickened with cream, spiced & flavoured with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon etc.

These Dishes are toasted in sliced onion and tomato, seasoned with medium spices and thickened in a rich sauce

Served with chips and salad

Any main dishes will be £2 extra

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