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Adults need around 2000 kcal a day
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  • Wing Avenue
  • Loaded Fries
  • Between the Buns
  • Wrap Station
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Signature Boxes

  • Solo Box (New)

    A satisfying meal with a Classic chicken burger, 2 wings (flavour of your choice), 2 tenders, fries & dip


  • Double Trouble Box (New)

    Featuring a Classic Chicken Burger, Classic Smash Burger, og Loaded fries, 3 wings(flavour of your choice), 3 tenders & 2 dips to share, all in one delicious meal!


Wing Avenue

  • Honey BBQ Wings

    Fresh, succulent, and expertly glazed in a sweet honey-barbecue blend. Topped with crunchy sesame seeds and fresh spring onions.

    from £4.12

  • Buffalo Wings

    Crispy, perfectly seasoned wings drenched in a classic buffalo sauce. Each batch boasts a fiery kick balanced with tanginess and is topped with fresh spring onions and chives. Experience the ultimate blend of heat and crunch in every flavourful bite.

    from £4.12

  • BBQ Wings

    Crispy and bathed in a rich barbecue glaze. Each bite delivers the perfect blend of smoky sweetness, complemented by the crunch of toasted sesame seeds and the fresh kick of spring onions.

    from £4.12

Loaded Fries

  • Og Loaded Fries

    Best-selling loaded fries. Crispy Fries, cut-up chicken tenders, creamy mayonnaise, spicy chipotle sauce and finished off with sprinkles of mixed herbs.


  • Garlic Sriracha (New)

    Crispy fries topped with small pieces of chicken tenders, homemade garlic sauce, sriracha sauce, diced pickles and topped with mixed herbs.


  • Fries w/ Benefits (New)

    Crispy fries, tender chicken, fresh lettuce, onion, and tomato, our Chicken Loaded Fries are smothered in Wing City burger sauce and Honey BBQ sauce


Between the Buns

  • Classic Chicken Burger (New)

    Crispy fried chicken topped with a slice of American cheese, creamy mayo, and thinly cut lettuce, all served on a soft, seeded brioche bun.

    from £6.29

  • OG Buffalo Fried Chicken Burger

    Comes with chicken breast, lettuce, pickled gerkins, blue cheese sauce, buffalo sauce

    from £6.49

  • BBQ Fried Chicken Burger

    Comes with chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cheese slice, BBQ sauce

    from £6.49

  • Daddy Burger

    Comes with chicken breast lettuce, pickles, onion rings, garlic sauce, cocktail sauce, ‘Wing City secret sauce’

    from £6.99

  • Classis Smash Burger (New )

    Two juicy beef patties with melted American cheese, Wing City burger Sauce, thinly cut lettuce and tomato, and caramelized onions all on soft seeded brioche buns. A classic and satisfying burger!

    from £8.69

  • Double Delight (Meal )

    A deliciously unique combination of a juicy beef patty, three crispy chicken tenders, American cheese slices, Wing City burger sauce, and thinly cut lettuce - all on a soft seeded brioche bun. Don't miss out on this double dose of flavour!

    from £9.43

Wrap Station

  • Chicken Shawarma Wrap

    Comes with boneless chicken thighs, pickled gerkins, tomato, optional sauce

    from £6.89

  • OG Buffalo Wrap Wrap

    Comes with chicken breast, lettuce, pickles, blue cheese sauce, buffalo sauce

    from £5.99

Tender & Tasty

  • 5 Chicken Strips and a Side of Mac & Cheese or Fries


  • 10 Chicken Strips and a Side of Mac & Cheese or Fries



  • Fries


  • Peri Peri Fries


  • 3 mozzarella sticks


  • 6 mozzarella Sticks


  • 5 Macaroni Bites (New)

    Discover the perfect harmony of crispy and creamy with our Crispy Macaroni Bites. You'll get five delightful pieces in each order, making them the ideal side dish to enhance your meal.


  • 8 onion Rings


  • Cheesy Fries (New)


  • Our Signature mac n Cheese

    Delight in our famous mac and cheese, infused with smoky goodness and caramelised notes. Crafted fresh every day, it boasts a crispy top and a stringy, cheesy texture that will satisfy your cravings in every bite


  • Coleslaw



  • Water 500ml Bottle

    Still water


  • Pepsi 330ml


  • Fanta Orange Flavour 330ml


  • Diet Pepsi 330ml


  • Sprite Original 330ml


  • Dr Pepper Original Flavour 330ml


  • Mirinda Orange 330ml


  • Mirinda Strawberry 330ml


  • Rio Tropical 330ml Can


  • Dada Virgin Mojito (New)


  • Dada Cherry (New)


  • Dada Peach (New)


  • Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml


  • Toot 16oz


  • Choco Caramel Craze (New)

    A sensational blend of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, coffee, and milk. Indulge in this unparalleled ice coffee delight.



  • Yoghurt Salad



  • Garlic Sauce


  • Chipotle Sauce


  • BBQ Sauce


  • Blue Cheese Sauce


  • Burger Sauce


  • Chilli Sauce


  • Sweet Chilli Sauce


  • Melted cheese Sauce (New)


  • Special Shawarma Dip (New)



Monday 22 July 2024
Smashing as per
Sunday 21 July 2024
Wednesday 17 July 2024
good quality food very filling would recommend to get it to anyone 👍
Tuesday 16 July 2024
Food was Very hot and again was absolutely delicious down to every last bite! Will definitely be ordering again! :)
Sunday 14 July 2024
Wednesday 10 July 2024
Sorry for not leaving a review sooner I completely forgot! The food was amazing and when i ordered a burger unfortunately there was no meat patty however you guys offered a can of apple tango and a bag of 6 mozzarella dippers as an apology which I really appreciate. Great place and will definitely order again in the future!
Sunday 07 July 2024
Wednesday 03 July 2024
Monday 01 July 2024
Monday 24 June 2024

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