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Special Offers

  • Student Deal

    Small Box 2 Mini Spring Roll, 1 Thai Prawn Crackers, 1 Can of Soft Drink


  • Mixed Platter

    2 Chicken Spring Rolls, 2 Veggies Spring Roll, 2 Tung Tong Chicken, 2 Fire Crackers & 2 Panko Prawns


  • Satay Chicken with rice


  • Chicken Balls

    5 Pcs Chicken Ball, Sweet Chilli


  • Kids Meal

    Box 1 Noodle, Chicken, Broccoli, Carrot & Fruit Shot Box 2 5 Pcs Chicken Nuggets, Chips, Fruit Shot


  • Mixed chicken box

    age restriction 18 plus
    2 hot wings 2 BBQ wings 2 Chicken bites 2chicken fillets 2 Chicken balls


Noodle Boxes

  • Spicy Box

    Hot/Spicy Thick egg noodles with lean beef, fried egg, chicken & asian vegies all in a wok tossed secret chilli sauce

    from £8.00

  • Mee Gee Sea Food

    Hot/Spicy Thick egg noodles, prawns, squid, shrimp, crab stick, fried egg, fish cake, tofu & asian vegies tossed in our rich malaysian style sauce & chilli sauce

    from £8.00

  • Black Belt Box

    Hot/Spicy Thick egg noodles, fried egg, shrimp & asian vegies simmered in our sassy soy sauce & chilli sauce

    from £8.00

  • Combo Box

    New style. Thick egg noodles, lean beef, chicken & asian vegies wok tossed in our traditional soy sauce and fried egg

    from £8.00

  • Charmine Box

    Chicken / beef/duck charmine with asian vegetables & soy sauce & fried egg with thick egg noodle

    from £8.00

  • Duck Box

    Special duck with asian vegetables, fried egg & special oyster sauce & soy sauce with thick egg noodle

    from £8.00

  • BBQ Box

    Beef or chicken with asian vegetables & BBQ sauce, fried egg with thick egg noodle

    from £8.00

  • Pickbox

    Asian Vegies: Carrots, Broccoli, Spring Onion, Onion, Bean Sprouts Noodles: Thin Rice Noodles, Flat Rice Noodles, Thick Egg Noodles & Udon Noodles, Rice Meat: Chicken, or Beef or duck Egg:

    from £8.00

  • Kl Mee Box

    Japanese noodle with prawns, beef, fish cake, tofu & asian veggie in special dark soya sauce with fried egg

    from £8.00

  • Udon Box

    Japanese noodle with prawn, squid, shrimp, fried tofu and crab, asian veggie & soy sauce, fried egg

    from £8.00

  • Garlic Box

    Beef, duck or chicken with loads of garlic and green, yellow & red peppers, pure garlic sauce and fried egg with thick egg noodle

    from £8.00

  • Oriental Beef Box

    Hot/Spicy Thick egg noodles, celery, garlic, shiitake mushroom, hot beef stock and fresh red chilli with coriander leaves & soy sauce with fried egg

    from £8.00

  • Salad Teriyaki with Lime

    A warm salad with thick egg noodles, teriyaki sauce, fried egg & a twist of lime 98% fat free

    from £8.00

  • Mg Box

    Malaysian style egg fried noodle with prawn, chicken, asian veggie, in special sweet & chilli sauce

    from £8.00

  • Sweet Box

    Thick egg noodles, lean beef, chicken, asian vegies, pineapple, tomatoes, smothered in our sweet & chilli sauce

    from £8.00

  • Tofu Spicy Box

    Tofu peppers, broccoli, hot chilli sauce, soy sauce with thin noodle

    from £8.00

Rice Boxes

  • Nasi Box

    Choose 1 of the Following Chicken - Beef - Pork - Duck - Shrimp All Served with Veggie & Rice

    from £8.00

  • Ng Kampung Box

    Malaysian Style Egg Fried Rice with Shrimp, Chicken, Tofu, Asian Veggie, in Special Sweet & Chilli Sauce

    from £8.00

  • Egg Fried Rice Box

    Rice, Egg & Soy Sauce

    from £8.00

  • Vegan Rice Chilli Box

    Hot/Spicy Vegan Rice, mushrooms, sweetcorn, pastry, green chick pies, carrots, bean sprouts, red chilli, spicy sauce

    from £8.00

  • Vegan Veggie Box

    Vegan Thin rice noodle, tofu, carrots, spring onions, broccoli, bean sprouts & mix peppers

    from £8.00

  • Green Curry Box

    Chicken, Beef, Vegies, Thick Egg Noodles, Green Curry Sauce and Fried Egg

    from £8.00


  • Hot & Sour Soup

    Chicken, shrimb, tofu, fish cake, crab stick, spring onion, carrots, garlic chilli sauce, soya, egg, vinegar, salt, sugar, chinese salt and water with amidon


  • Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

    Chicken, sweetcorn, salt, sugar, chinese salt, egg and spring onion


  • Vegetarian soup

    Spring onions, onion, carrots, broccoli, beans sprounds, salt, sugar, msg, parsley


  • Seafood soup

    Shrimp, prawn, fish cake Tofu crab stick fresh chilli parsley spring onion dark soya salt egg garlic chilli sauce


  • Coconut curry soup with rice noodles

    Chicken, red curry, spring onion, parsley, garlic, red chilli, coconut milk, salt.



  • Greek Salad

    Cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, olive, red onion, lettuce,


Side Orders

  • Spicy Thai Prawn Crackers


  • Fire Crackers

    King prawns in sugar, peanut, coconut milk wrapped in a wonton wrapper


  • Thai Spring Roll (Vegetarian)



  • Onion Rings (8 Pcs)


  • Chips


  • Chicken Nuggets (8 Pcs)


  • Hot Wings (6pcs)


  • Tung Tong

    Crispy purses filled with water chestnut, corn, slithers of chicken & coriander


  • Thai Spring Roll

    Chicken, noodle, spring onions, onions, carrot, cabbage, 5 spicy & black pepper


  • Crispy Japanese Panko Prawn

    King prawns coated in panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs)


  • Chips with chesse


  • Regular Thai prawn crackers (not spicy)


  • Chicken fillets 6pcs


  • Chicken BBQ wings 6pcs


  • Dumplings vegetarian 6pcs


  • Dumplings meat 6pcs


  • Calamari 6pcs


  • Flaming shrimp 6pcs

    King prawn with a spicy, crispy southern fried style coating


Gluten Free Boxes

  • Sing-a-box

    Gluten Free Singapore Fried Noodles. Thin Rice Noodles, Shrimp, Asian Vegies & Egg All Simmered in our Mild Fragrant Curry Sauce

    from £7.00

  • Ktbox

    Gluten Free Flat Rice Noodles, shrimp, Egg & Asian Vegies Stir Fried in our Special Soy & Chilli Sauce

    from £7.00

  • Pad Thai Chickenbox

    Gluten Free With Chicken Fried in a Wok with Broccoli, Parsley, Red Chilli and Egg in a Dark Soy Sauce.

    from £7.00

  • Pad Thai with Prawnbox

    Gluten Free Pad Thai Box with Prawn, Oil, Garlic Clove, Spring Onion, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Straight-to-wok Noodles, King Prawns, Lime Juice, Fish Sauce, and Fresh Chopped Coriander.

    from £7.00

  • Pad Thaibox

    Gluten Free An Authentic Thailand Taste of Rice Stick Noodles Tossed in an Original Pad Thai Sauce with Tender Chicken, Asian Vegies, Egg

    from £7.00

  • Seafood Laksabox

    Gluten Free With Fresh Mussels, Sesame Oil, Laksa Paste, Coconut Milk, Rice Noodles, Spring Onions, Zest and Juice of Lime, Organic Tiger Prawns, Small Bunch Each Fresh Mint and Fresh Basil

    from £7.00


  • Wines (75 Cl.) Abv. 12%

    age restriction 18 plus


Soft Drinks

  • Can (330 Ml.)


  • Bottle (500 Ml.)


  • Big Bottle (1.5 Lt.)


  • Red Bull


  • Water



  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream


  • Chocolate fundge cake

    Served with one scoop of ice cream or cream and chocolate sauce


  • Christmas cake snowman

    Perfect for 4



  • Strawberry Milkshake


  • Banana Milkshake


  • Vanilla Milkshake


  • Chocolate Milkshake


  • Bounty Milkshake


  • Snickers Milkshake


  • Mars Milkshake


  • Oreo Milkshake


Fish and chips

  • Fish and chips

    Fish and chips



Saturday 13 July 2024
quality of padthai is very bad
Saturday 06 July 2024
Saturday 06 July 2024
Friday 05 July 2024
Unfortunately I had to search through my pickbox to find I only had 2 small pieces of chicken, 1 small piece of broccoli and some chopped spring onion with very thin slices of carrot sparsely throughout the noodles. I get cutting back for profit but customers should get better value for money.
Thursday 04 July 2024
Second time trying and absolutely flavorful food will be ordering from again
Wednesday 03 July 2024
Noodles where still nice and warm even tho I live a little ways away my Ben and jerrys was melted tho and way over priced! But over all tastes good chicken was a little over cooked :)
Saturday 29 June 2024
the noodles turned up with no flavour the milkshake was warm. the salad was all warm. my vegetable soup was just water and vegetables no flavour. the restaurant did send out the order again but it was still very bland and they also didn't re send the salad so I lost 5 pound in the order as well. I used to buy from these all the time but this is the second time now it has been very poor! so I will not be purchasing from them again
Saturday 29 June 2024
Had to ring twice to see where order was. Took way too long.
Tuesday 25 June 2024
food was great, delivery was so quick!!What more could you ask for.
Monday 24 June 2024
Order did not update. Called restaurant to be told it’s on way. Then updated to delivered but hasn’t been. Called again to be told maybe the lansdowne branch thought it had been delivered. I didn’t order through lansdowne. Giving 1 star for quality because I can’t give 0 and I have no clue about quality of food.

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