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The basic menu includes side dishes. If the customer orders additional items, you must pay the applicable price.

This is the basic menu of WON BBQ. Please choose the food you like.

Tang, a formal term for guk (Korean soups), is made by boiling a wide variety of ingredients, including meat, fish, vegetables, and other ingredients, in a large amount of water and adding seasoning. The solid ingredients are eaten together with the soup’s broth.

Jjigae is a side dish made by boiling broth in an earthen pot or small pot, adding meat, vegetables, tofu, etc., and seasoning it with soy sauce, soybean paste, red pepper paste, salted soup, etc.

A food made by heating rice and vegetables in a stone pot until the rice is scorched.

Stir fried with dried chill and vegetable

Jeongol is a food made by mixing finely chopped meat with seasonings, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, etc., putting it in a hotpot pan and boiling it with a little broth.

Coke, Fanta, Pepsi soft drink Carbonated soft drink with sugar, can 330m

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