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Note: If you are allergic to nuts or seafood or any ingredients etc. Please advise us before placing order. For full ingredient lists & allergen information, please ask our staff. We cannot guarantee that any dish will be completely allergen-free.

Contains Egg.

In China, the word for rice is "Fan". This has become synonymous with the word for "Meal". Most Chinese families eat rice every day, and few meals wouldn't be considered balanced without it.

A staple ingredient in the eastern diet, chow mein literally means fried noodle. It has become a fashionable & popular dish throughout the West: it is said that long noodles equates to a long life.

Cantonese Style Noodle Dishes

Crispy noodle with sauce & vegetables.

Udon is Japanese style noodle cooked with bean sprouts, onions, Chinese leaves, pods, celeries, carrots & XO sauce.

Wonder Food Specials

A dish that has travelled continents, it remains a firm favourite in the Pacific basin.

Deep fried. Cooked with vegetables.

Hot & Sour Sauce Dishes

Deep fried. Cooked with vegetables. Hot.

Sweet Chilli Sauce Dishes

Deep fried. Cooked with carrots & chilli. Hot.


Pronounce "Si Chuan", these dishes hail from the western province of China and are deliciously cooked with fresh vegetables.

Contains Cashew Nuts.

Sweet & spicy, combined with fresh vegetables & cashew nuts.

Lemon or Orange or Plum Sauce Dishes

Deep fried. Served with pineapple & sauce separate.

Cooked with peanut butter, green pepper, pineapple, carrots & onions.

Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce Dishes

Cooked with onions, carrots, green pepper, black bean, garlic & chilli.

Cooked with onions, carrots, green pepper, black pepper, garlic & chilli.


Cooked with onions, carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, sweet corn, straw mushroom & cashew nuts.

Cooked with onions, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, green pepper, sweet corn & mango sauce.


Ginger & Spring Onion Dishes

Bamboo Shoot & Water Chestnut Dishes

Chop Suey (Mixed Vegetables) Dishes

Contain onions, peas & bean sprouts blended together in fresh egg, cooked to perfection.

Honey Chilli Sauce Dishes (New Style Dishes)


Cooked with vegetables & special honey chilli sauce.

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