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Indian Burgers

239 Wood Street, London, E17 3NT

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Served with green peppers, tomatoes, & onions grilled on the sizzler

Stir fried and served in a thick spicy sauce

Hot, sweet and sour flavour, cooked with lentils, lemon juice & spices

Cooked in garlic, lemon juice and spice, medium hot or very hot

Cooked in a unique mild and creamy masala sauce

Cooked with tomatoes, onions, peppers & spices, medium hot

Peppery flavour with a sweet edge

Cooked in coconut cream and butter, mild spice

Cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers & spices, medium hot

Cooked with onions & tomatoes in a thick sauce

Cooked with garlic in fresh aromatic spice

Cooked in green peppers with balti paste

Cooked in mild spices with spinach

Cooked in mild spices & butter. Comes with daal or veg curry

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