Woodthorpe Tandoori

Indian Curry Halal

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Note: About us

Both traditional styles of cooking and modern flair are celebrated within our menu allowing us to offer classic dishes to satisfy and innovative meals to thrill.

Our chefs have drawn from their clever passion for food to create several contemporary and quite simply, mouth watering dishes, ensuring the Woodthorpe Tandoori menu is a culinary success.

Mixed spices and rice stir fried together with your choice of meat or vegetables. Served with a vegetable curry sauce to compliment.

The Balti dish is popular because of its vibrant taste which can compliment and enhance the flavours of other dishes

Home made tandoor sauce blended with cream and coconut

Spiced with freshly ground spices and marinated in yoghurt sauce, then cooked in a clay oven on a skewers. Served with side salad and mint sauce. These dishes are served dry, you can order a curry sauce separately

(Side dishes)

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